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Facility Tour

Port Carmen has come a long way since 2014 and we are proud to bring a "Marina" to the area

The Old Shed

The "landmark" shed, which has stood on the shoreline for many years, had to be removed; but its memory lives on, as the reclaimed barn boards are being used throughout the marina. This will provide you with additional parking facilities – not to mention a great view of Lake Cecebe.


Fuel Dock

Our Petro Canada supplied midgrade NON ethanol fuel made for some great boating dispensed from our current enviromentally friendly system .  You can trust that our convenient hours will ensure we are there for you when your boat needs fuelling. Browse our retail store or grab an ice cream while you wait!


The Store

The store is well stocked with the best products for you and your boat. If there is something that  we don't have we will look into your needs and do our best to serve you. Drop by for a bag of ice, bottle of water or propane tank.And a nice cold ice cream.

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